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I am an Ann Arbor local Artist, Curator, Event Coordinator, and Creative Director. I have been studying and practicing art for over 20 years. I have studied every medium from Pencil to Conte Crayon and Acrylic to Oil paintings. I hope to open the eyes of everyone to know and realize how important the arts are to the communities, to maintain mental health, and open Ingenuity dialogues to the world. I was inspired by maintaining my mental health and willingness to get through life by creating and surrounding myself by beautiful muses of the earth. I had a lot of childhood trauma from bullying, mental, and emotional abuse. So, I submerged myself in art as an escape. I soon found myself. I want to help the Black community and I'm sure the key is in the arts it was a life saver for me. I have found my Purpose to help people as a creative. To Advocate for artists of color. As well as an Activist for helping find value in artists.

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